We provide a comprehensive consulting for professionalists willing to solve non-standard structural, civil and mechanical engineering problems. Our team have more than 10 years of practical experience in designing and constructing. The competence come mostly from industrial and academic activities, therefore our solutions are perfectly balanced between scientific curiosity and engineering intuition. If you are looking for an optimal solution supported by a computer aided design, please contact us.

Our partners

scientific programming

We provide complete and tailored solutions for engineers and researchers. We are capable to solve most of problems associated with material and computational mechanics. Since 15 years we have developed number of solutions for linear and nonlinear mechanical problems, relying on mathematical programing and numerical analysis. Our solvers are based on widely recognized finite & spectral element methods. We are ready to help your company to optimize your products and/or production processes. All you have to do is point the problem and contact us.

computational & material mechanics

Here below we present two examples of application software tailored for different targets: (a) paper packaging industries and (b) roads & airports managing departments. These are sophisticated solvers and procedures based on computer aided design and optimization techniques applied to practical and present engineering problems.

FEMAT Cardboard

FEMat cardboard is a software package distributed by the FEMat Soft company. The main functionality of the package oscillates around reliable and optimal design of a cardboard boxes. The main engine is based on reliable and recognized Finite Element Method (FEM). By using our software one can:

  • homogenize corrugated boards,
  • optimize the box design,
  • simulate most of the laboratory tests on paperboard and cardboard.
All advanced computational tools are nicely wrapped in the 3D-CAD graphical interface. The user does not have to be an expert in computational or material mechanics, we took care of every technical detail pulling out only the critical tuning features through intuitive and user friendly interface.
The product is designed for companies searching for modern tools, which can be easily run in 'the cloud'. A dedicated server stores the all laboratory data and designs to help workers from different departments to share the ideas and therefore speed up the prototyping and production process. With FEMat cardboard the design process is much simpler and faster.


FEMat road is a set of advanced toolboxes and procedures supporting the structural diagnostic of pavement. Most of procedures embedded in the software package are utilized in the pavement diagnostic devices provided by the Geomatic, HAX and Pneumotechnika companies. The package provides among others the following features:

  • Long Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA),
  • easy pavement, airport runway or maneuvering areas design, through e.g. Finite or Spectral Element Method (FEM, SEM),
  • fatigue life investigation of pavement or airport runway structures,
  • inverse analysis applied to structural diagnostic of pavement and airport runways,
  • sensitivity analysis and sigma six design,
  • numerous laboratory and in-situ tests' interfaces.
FEMat road is a modular package providing a great capability of extending its functionality through user's procedures and/or new algorithms. The enhancement process is extremely easy and intuitive, which allows advanced or academic users to perform their refined research oscillating around pavement optimal design and its diagnostic.